We ALL get creative blocks so today I wanted to share with you some tips to bust through these creative blocks!

  1.  Dare not to compare! I know, I know, so many people say this it sounds kind of obvious and I wouldn’t say it again if I didn’t know that so many of us, likely all of us, still do it.  Comparison sucks, it zaps your creative energy, so just say no!
  2. Start with junk.  If you are struggling don’t start with a big journal spread or canvas.  Grab a loose sheet of paper and just play, scribble, doodle whatever just get your hand moving.
  3. Know that right where you are is good enough!  You don’t need any special skills, or talent or even fancy products.  Sometimes child’s mind is the best thing you can bring to your creative practice.
  4. Never criticize your own artwork.  I know this is so hard!  But modesty is not a requirement here.  It’s one thing to analyze your project and to look for what worked and what you can do differently next time.  But overall be proud of your creations!  Because no matter what they look like you took the time to create it and that deserves celebration.
  5. Arrange an art date.  Call up a friend who you feel comfortable with and arrange to get together for some creative action.  Knowing someone else is relying on you will help motivate you.
  6. Always be on the lookout for inspiration.  I love to look to the shapes and color of nature for inspiration but these days it can be found in so many places from amazing books and magazines to Pinterest.  I find just looking at images can inspire me to get into creative mode myself.
  7. Look at your own past work.  Again not with an eye to criticize but to see how far you have come and how your work has grown.  Flip through old journals or artwork.  What I tend to do is look through slide shows on my computer of past pieces.  It can help motivate you to keep working and growing.
  8. Be patient!!!  Oh my I can’t stress this enough, be patient with yourself, give yourself the time and practice to build your skills, know and trust that they will come.

I hope these help you in your creative practice!

xo Deanna