Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Giveaway

Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Giveaway

Hi!  Welcome to the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop Social Media Hop!

Join me on a quick, artsy journey towards gratitude and meeting the 10 AWESOME instructors of this workshop! And for a chance to WIN a free spot in the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop,
REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN, you can check it out here.

Gratitude Junk Journal teachers


If you are starting here just follow the appropriate link below.  I have included a list of all participating artists instructor links for your convenience here.  Please visit their blog on their assigned day to learn more and for more chances to win,
October 4 – Sherry Canino –
October 5 – Cristin Stevenson –
October 7 –  Jackie Barragan –
October 8 – Nicole Edgecombe –
October 9 – Tiffany Goff Smith-
October 10 – Cindy Gilstrap 
October 11 – Kymona Tracy –
October 12 – Deanna Jinjoe –
October 13 – Tiare Smith – 

Gratitude. A feeling of appreciation or thanks.

It is so simple, yet so mighty. It becomes mightier as we practice it in our lives. Growing it in a group makes it all the stronger.   This journal will help to reinforce it and give us a great reference that keeps us grounded.  Just imagine after one month how your attitude, those around you and your life will change.  Change your heart. Change your mind. Change your life. A month of gratitude. A month of miracles…again!
I am so excited to be a part of this workshop!!!  Gratitude and giving thanks for the many blessings in my life has been important to me for many years.  In my lesson we will be exploring and celebrating our physical bodies.  Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our bodies but the truth is without it we can’t exist on this earth!  Here is a little peek at part of the journal page I created for this lesson.


Gratitude Junk Journal photo


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

~ William Arthur Ward


JOIN ME IN THE WORKSHOP NOW, reserve your spot today and receive $10.00 off the original class price today through Sunday, October 22, 2017. (Early Bird Pricing no coupon needed price is already discounted)!!!
Now for the other good stuff.  Here is how you can win A FREE SPOT
  1. You have to be signed up for my email list, link to sign up here.
  2. Share my class on any social media site.
  3. Leave me a comment on this blog post letting me know you shared and a link to where you shared it.
  4. Enter up until 10/15/17, winner will be announced on my blog as well as sent an email on 10/16/17.


I can’t wait to get started on this amazing journey of gratitude with you!

xo Deanna

Full Hunter Moon Reading

This reading for the Full Hunter Moon is included in the Full Moon Mysteries Guidebook which is published once a month at the full moon and sent free to my subscribers.  To get a copy delivered to your inbox sign up here.

For the reading this month I used the Awakening to Your Divine Self oracle deck.  I was a contributing artist to this deck and you can purchase a copy of it here if you are interested.
Tapping to the energy of this harvest moon I asked to receive a message that would benefit us at this moment in time.

Awakening to your divine Self Oracle deck

The cards that came up were Compassion, Tree of Life and Truth.
Compassion.  With the world events that have transpired in these last few days it is very obvious that we need compassion both for ourselves and others.  Events like these can leave us feeling fragile and exposed.
In these times it is important to remember that love and  compassion both for ourselves and for others is of far greater benefit than judgement and anger.  This card encourages us to look within, feel compassion for ourselves and then allow this compassion to flow out, with it’s healing power, into the world.
Tree of Life.  We are all connected and each and every one of us is created from the same divine force that further reinforces this connection.   We need each other and we need to uplift each other, no one suffers alone, if one suffers we all suffer.  If one is raised up, we are all raised up.  Feel into this connection, is there someone you strongly disagree with or even hate?  Can you see how these feelings, even if they come from a place of righteous indignation, serve only to drag you down?  Can you allow yourself to see that they too are connected to the Divine even if we do not understand their ways?  You can love without condoning.  Feel into that love and it has the force to create far more change than hatred or anger ever will.
Truth.  What is truth?  How do we know it?  My truth can be much different than your truth but other than opinion who is to say which is right or which is wrong.  This card is asking you to open up and make room for your own truth and the truth of others.  You do not need to share their ideas but in the fighting of ideal against ideal we do ourselves and others a disservice.  The message here is to stop fighting what you see that doesn’t align with your truth and to just fully live into your own truth.  Feel into what is true for you, align with what is true for you and live it.  In this way you will impact change in a powerful way and you will see the benefits in your own life and the world around you far faster than you can imagine.

Full Moon Blessings!

xo Deanna

PS.  I’m teaching in Life Book 2018,there is an amazing line up of teachers and classes.  If you want to check it out come on over here.

Deanna Jinjoe Life book 2018 teacher

Full Corn Moon Reading

Full Corn Moon Reading

The Full Corn Moon is happening today!

Every full moon I do a reading and share it in the Full Moon Mysteries Guidebook which I give out to all of my subscribers.  So today I decided to share it on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

For this reading I asked for a message that would be universally beneficial to us all at this time.  As with all readings this is just a guide, take what resonates with you leave what does not serve you.
I did this reading with the Elemental Forces of Creation deck created by Lisa Michaels.

Earth card, Structure and Form.

This card seems so fitting as we move into the fall season.  As we move away from summer many of us return to a more structured way of being because it is a necessity demanded by our schedules.  This card is encouraging us though to take a little time and look at what we have created as structure in our lives, is it currently serving us or is it habit?  Are there new ways of existing that allow you to accommodate what needs to be done by exploring a new way of doing it?  Take some time to consider what really does and does not need to be done and how you can restructure what is happen to better serve you.

Water card, Relationship to Self.

This card pairs so well with the previous one.  So often we get so busy in life that we forget to take the time we need to relax, check in with ourselves and just feel into what is going on for us in any given moment.   The person who really knows best what you need is YOU!  Are you willing to give yourself what you need?  Are you willing to say this is how I best need to look after me?  Spend some time soul searching and tap into what your really want your relationship with yourself to look like.

Air card, Belief System.

Our belief systems are an integral part of our everyday existence.  They influence everything within our lives.   We need to be aware of where our beliefs come from.  Did you grow up in a household with a mother who selflessly gave of herself until she had nothing left because she believed that was what was right?  Do you follow in her footsteps?  Take some time to examine where your beliefs have come from and if they are truly serving you.  Letting go of time worn belief systems isn’t easy but living within the parameters of beliefs others have forced upon you is not easy either.
Fire card, Shaman’s Way.  The cards so far have called on us to examine our long held habits of thinking, doing and being, this card calls on us to be brave and actually craft a new way of being.  To step into a way of being that truly reflects who you are and what you want to bring into your current state of being.  Shamans access wisdom in non-ordinary ways.   They often go within to find the answers to their questions.  Are you willing to tap into the wisdom of your highest self to find the answers to the questions you are asking?

Spirit card, Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine, an often over looked aspect of ourselves in today’s day and age.   Despite centuries of trying patriarchy has not been able to take the feminine out of the divine.  The fire and brimstone messages of the past centuries are falling away and being replaced by a gentler understanding of the divine and our connection and our place as a part of the divine.  You are an extra-ordinary part of the divine presence that created the galaxies and all the worlds within them.  Can you accept this?  Does accepting this allow you to more fully step into being who you truly feel called to be?  You are truly a work of living art, embrace that!

I do personalized Elemental Forces of Creation readings, if you would like to book one for yourself please click here for more information.
If you are interested in checking out this month’s edition of the Full Moon Mysteries Guidebook please go here to download it.

Full Moon Mysteries guidebook full corn moon

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8 Ways to Get Beyond Your Creative Blocks

8 Ways to Get Beyond Your Creative Blocks

We ALL get creative blocks so today I wanted to share with you some tips to bust through these creative blocks!

  1.  Dare not to compare! I know, I know, so many people say this it sounds kind of obvious and I wouldn’t say it again if I didn’t know that so many of us, likely all of us, still do it.  Comparison sucks, it zaps your creative energy, so just say no!
  2. Start with junk.  If you are struggling don’t start with a big journal spread or canvas.  Grab a loose sheet of paper and just play, scribble, doodle whatever just get your hand moving.
  3. Know that right where you are is good enough!  You don’t need any special skills, or talent or even fancy products.  Sometimes child’s mind is the best thing you can bring to your creative practice.
  4. Never criticize your own artwork.  I know this is so hard!  But modesty is not a requirement here.  It’s one thing to analyze your project and to look for what worked and what you can do differently next time.  But overall be proud of your creations!  Because no matter what they look like you took the time to create it and that deserves celebration.
  5. Arrange an art date.  Call up a friend who you feel comfortable with and arrange to get together for some creative action.  Knowing someone else is relying on you will help motivate you.
  6. Always be on the lookout for inspiration.  I love to look to the shapes and color of nature for inspiration but these days it can be found in so many places from amazing books and magazines to Pinterest.  I find just looking at images can inspire me to get into creative mode myself.
  7. Look at your own past work.  Again not with an eye to criticize but to see how far you have come and how your work has grown.  Flip through old journals or artwork.  What I tend to do is look through slide shows on my computer of past pieces.  It can help motivate you to keep working and growing.
  8. Be patient!!!  Oh my I can’t stress this enough, be patient with yourself, give yourself the time and practice to build your skills, know and trust that they will come.

I hope these help you in your creative practice!

xo Deanna


Life Book 2018 Blog Hop Winner

Hello Beautiful Beings!!!

I just wanted to pop in an announce that the winner blog hop giveaway for a free spot in Life Book 2018 is:  (insert drumroll here)

Laura R.

Her comment was:  “I can read all I want about Chakras but it would make such a difference to have someone to ask questions and discuss what I am learning. I have been unable to spend the money on myself the last few years because I have been taking care of ailing parents. They are now gone (except MIL) but it has become a habit not to do anything special for myself. I would like to join to remind myself that I matter and that taking care of me has value too.”

I’m looking forward to the questions and discussion that arise as we journey together too!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and played along in the Blog Hop!!!

If you still haven’t heard about Life Book 2018 you can check it out here.

xo Deanna

A Month of Blogging????

Can I really blog every day for a month?

Honestly I think I can’t but I’m going to try.  My artsy friend Effy Wild put out a challenge to her community to blog every day for the month of September.  Blogging more often, actually even just writing more often is on my to do list so I thought why not join in.  I used to blog a lot more but when I got my new website designed a year ago my web designer put Yoast SEO indicators on my blog page.  Now this is a sensible thing to do when you are building a website who’s purpose is to help you build a business and an audience so she was doing her job, and I love my website.  But that SEO thing really took the fun out of blogging.  I didn’t understand much of it, didn’t know where to find help and I got sick and tired of Yoast telling me that my blog posts suck!!!

So often I have wanted to scream at my computer, “how is my post not readable?!?!”  Its in English, the words make sense they are strung together in a legible manner!  What the hell is meta data???  What on earth are stop words??? I could go on and on and on.  Now with time I have learned a little more about this but still focusing on it just isn’t fun, so basically I quit blogging.  I want to write for the joy of writing, for the thrill of communicating what I am thinking, feeling and have come to know in life.  I just want to share my art and help others.

So for this month I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about the SEO, I’m not even going to look at it.  I’m just going to blog and share what’s in my head and on my heart.  That’s it!!!

If you want to play along you can find the info for the Blog Along here

A month of blogging blog along

A month of blogging blog along