Overwhelmed She Slips

Overwhelmed She Slips

Overwhelmed she slips

below the surface.

Looking for escape.

The cares of the world

rate race in her mind,

always questions

where are the answers?

So much to comteplate

on long sleepless nights.

But in the water

she floats free.


Simply moving

through the flow.

Your Work Creates Light

Your Work Creates Light

There has been so much going on in the world these last few weeks.  So much hatred, fear and uncertainty.  The senseless shooting in Orlando still weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of people and now this morning Brexit is all over the news.  I can’t help but dwell on what this change will bring about and how it will affect all of us, even those that aren’t citizens of the UK.  The truth is we have no idea and effectively very little control over what happens and how things shake out.
The only thing we can control is our own actions and it’s those actions I want to talk about today.  I feel as artists we have a very unique way of influencing the world and that is by raising our own vibration and in turn the collective vibration with our artwork.  I watched an interesting video this week by two physicists who explained that even if just a few people take the time to meditate on peace the vibrations they create can bring about powerful change.  When we as individuals make a conscious decision to create we are tapping into the Divine within each of us.  Through this connection we have the ability to create pieces that consciously bring light and love into this world and raise the vibration for all.
You don’t have to create a piece of art that hangs on the wall of a gallery to be seen and admired by all for your work to count.  That isn’t the point.  It can be an art journal page that no one but yourself sees, it can be a beautiful meal that you share with family and friends or a photo essay you post on Facebook.  The catalyst is that you create from a place of love and through this love we become one with the Divine and this love will unconsciously flow out of you into this world, raising the collective vibration as we look to find peace, connection and acceptance among ourselves and the world at large.
In this time of uncertainty where fear can often grip us in it’s powerful grasp I encourage you to turn away, grab your pens, brushes or whatever tools you need and to take some time to create love.  Focus on love, it is one of the few ways that each and every one of us can truly influence the world around us.

Share the Light

Unusual Places to Find Creative Inspiration

Unusual Places to Find Creative Inspiration

Creative inspiration is really all around us, we just have to be willing to take the time to look for it.  There are some very obvious places to look for inspiration such as an art gallery or museum but there are also lots of other places to look for inspiration that are a little outside the box.  Here is a list of some places that I came up with.

People watching at the mall.  The other day while shopping I stopped for a bite to eat, since I was alone I was free to just look around me and observe.  I began to notice the different features on people’s faces, the style and colors of their clothing and even their gestures as they interacted with others.  It was unfortunate that my sketchbook wasn’t in my purse!

Reading or looking through children’s books.  I love illustration and children’s books have some of the most beautiful illustration out there.  Often when I end up in a bookstore I will head over and browse through the books in the children’s department for a dose of creative inspiration.

Go for a walk in the woods.  Nature is the most innately creative force on this planet.  As you walk observe the shapes and textures around you, incredible beauty and inspiration is everywhere.

Reading Poetry.  Poetry is full of imagery, just reading it can spark ideas and thoughts.

Go to the zoo or a wildlife refuge center or even a pet store.  Observing the diversity of creatures that inhabits this earth can be a great source of inspiration.

At the movies.  Movies have the ability to move us through time and space and take us to places we could never go in real life.  This gives us the opportunity to observe and be inspired by many exciting options that otherwise don’t exist.

Watch the clouds.  As they move through the sky cloud shapes shift and change.  One moment you might see a dragon, the next island floating in the sky and in another moment perhaps and angel.  It is another great example of the creativity of nature.

Go to flea markets or antique stores.  All kind of treasures and unique items can be found at flea markets.  You don’t even need to buy anything and bring it home.  Just check out vintage artwork or jewellery for interesting shapes and color combinations.  Look at the designs of furniture, inlaid wood can be a great source for shapes and patterns.

Walking through your own neighborhood.  Take some time to walk through it with fresh eyes.  Really look and observe.  What flowers are growing in the yard next door, what color combinations are present in the plants, flowers and trees?  What birds are flying around?  Looking at these things with a eye to really seeing them can spark great ideas.

These are a few of my ideas.  Feel free to comment below and share some of your favorite places to find inspiration!



Big Magic Book Review

Elizabeth Gilbert Big Magic

I want to start sharing monthly book reviews on my blog, since Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic has been quite popular in creative circles I thought I would start with it.  I bought the book the first day it came out, before I had really read any reviews.  I have a lot of respect for the author and I was curious what she had to say.  Shortly after I purchased it reviews started pouring in, it seemed like every coach or creative on the plant had read the book and they were raving about it.  I read phrases like,“it is completely breaking me open” and “unlike anything I have ever read before”.  It seemed to me that everyone on the planet wanted to write the most flattering review in hope that Elizabeth herself would read it.  I will admit it turned me off and the book sat on my end table for about three months before I picked it up.
I won’t say the book is “life changing” or that I am “broken open” but what I will say is that the book is good and definitely worth the read.  I have highlighted entire chapters and many little sticky tabs peek out of my copy marking passages I want to easily access to read again and again.  I this book I find her to be very realistic and honest.  She doesn’t hesitate to talk about how hard she had to work for her success or the fact that for most of her career she held a second job to pay the bills. I must admit there are a lot of gems in this book.  I love how she talks about our ideas as living things and how if we have an idea and we don’t act on it the idea will move on and find someone else who will, how’s that for motivation to beat resistance!  She also speaks about how there is room for all of us in the world of creativity and measuring our worth not by our success or failures but by our dedication to our path as creatives.  The story about the poet Ruth Stone blew me away (I’m not going to tell it here, you will have to get the book) and what she says about how the Romans view genius really got me to thinking.
Overall what this book reinforced for me is my own personal philosophy that we are all creatives, whether we accept it or not.  To be human is to be a creative.  In the book she states, “Are you considering becoming a creative person?  Too late you already are one.  To even call somebody “a creative person” is almost laughably redundant; creativity is the hallmark of our species”.  YES!!!  I agree!
Whether you view yourself as creative or not I do recommend reading this book, not because the book itself will change your life but it might just get you embrace your own inner creativity and that I do know will change your life.
You can find the book on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com.
How Our Journals are Made

How Our Journals are Made

Our books are bound completely by hand using a fourth century method known as Coptic Binding.

Coptic Bound Journals feature an intricate and painstakingly beautiful, non-adhesive binding with exposed knotted stitching across an open spine. This ancient art is kept alive by a handful of artists and artisans around the world.

Mechanically produced books and paper are easy and cheap to mass-produce but books made with machines do not hold the character and unique qualities of a handmade book and the person behind them.

When we design and hand-bind a book, each one has just a little of us in it! A bit of our heart, our soul, our spirit, and that sharing of ourselves enriches us as well as the recipient.

Our Coptic Bound Journals carry history, heart and one of a kind quality.

xo, Deanna

About Coptic Binding


Why Artist?

Why Artist?

The need to create runs deep within the human psyche, we all have it.  I know many who say they don’t have a creative bone in their body and that always breaks my heart, but that just isn’t possible.  Creativity expresses itself in so many ways it is so much more than just paint brush on canvas.  Have you ever seen a beautifully planted garden and walked along its paths?  Have you ever enjoyed a delicious meal out?  Or have you even flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine marveling at the minds that imagined the beautiful clothes.   It’s all creativity and it is all made by artists.

An artist is someone who creates with intention.  I bet if you look at your own life there are many things you create with intention.  Is it possible you have been ignoring your own artwork?  Is it possible your soul longs for encouragement to let it’s creativity soar?  What would happen if you let it?  What could you create?  But let’s ask one more question, what if you allowed yourself to create in an atmosphere free of judgement?  I’m not talking about judgement from others, which really isn’t something you can control other than to ignore it.  What I’m really talking about is your own judgement of your creations.  What would happen in your life, what could possibly break loose and shake up if you allowed yourself to create without any self judgement whatsoever.  It isn’t easy, I know first-hand it isn’t easy, but it’s such a worthwhile endeavor.

You see I believe that the number one purpose of humanity is to create and that everyone is creative!  In tapping into our creativity we tap in the core purpose of our existence.  In that space of creativity we can find our own power and deepen our connection with the divine.  It’s a noble calling, what will your answer be?  Will it be ARTIST!!!