The Full Corn Moon is happening today!

Every full moon I do a reading and share it in the Full Moon Mysteries Guidebook which I give out to all of my subscribers.  So today I decided to share it on my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

For this reading I asked for a message that would be universally beneficial to us all at this time.  As with all readings this is just a guide, take what resonates with you leave what does not serve you.
I did this reading with the Elemental Forces of Creation deck created by Lisa Michaels.

Earth card, Structure and Form.

This card seems so fitting as we move into the fall season.  As we move away from summer many of us return to a more structured way of being because it is a necessity demanded by our schedules.  This card is encouraging us though to take a little time and look at what we have created as structure in our lives, is it currently serving us or is it habit?  Are there new ways of existing that allow you to accommodate what needs to be done by exploring a new way of doing it?  Take some time to consider what really does and does not need to be done and how you can restructure what is happen to better serve you.

Water card, Relationship to Self.

This card pairs so well with the previous one.  So often we get so busy in life that we forget to take the time we need to relax, check in with ourselves and just feel into what is going on for us in any given moment.   The person who really knows best what you need is YOU!  Are you willing to give yourself what you need?  Are you willing to say this is how I best need to look after me?  Spend some time soul searching and tap into what your really want your relationship with yourself to look like.

Air card, Belief System.

Our belief systems are an integral part of our everyday existence.  They influence everything within our lives.   We need to be aware of where our beliefs come from.  Did you grow up in a household with a mother who selflessly gave of herself until she had nothing left because she believed that was what was right?  Do you follow in her footsteps?  Take some time to examine where your beliefs have come from and if they are truly serving you.  Letting go of time worn belief systems isn’t easy but living within the parameters of beliefs others have forced upon you is not easy either.
Fire card, Shaman’s Way.  The cards so far have called on us to examine our long held habits of thinking, doing and being, this card calls on us to be brave and actually craft a new way of being.  To step into a way of being that truly reflects who you are and what you want to bring into your current state of being.  Shamans access wisdom in non-ordinary ways.   They often go within to find the answers to their questions.  Are you willing to tap into the wisdom of your highest self to find the answers to the questions you are asking?

Spirit card, Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine, an often over looked aspect of ourselves in today’s day and age.   Despite centuries of trying patriarchy has not been able to take the feminine out of the divine.  The fire and brimstone messages of the past centuries are falling away and being replaced by a gentler understanding of the divine and our connection and our place as a part of the divine.  You are an extra-ordinary part of the divine presence that created the galaxies and all the worlds within them.  Can you accept this?  Does accepting this allow you to more fully step into being who you truly feel called to be?  You are truly a work of living art, embrace that!

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