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For the reading this month I used the Awakening to Your Divine Self oracle deck.  I was a contributing artist to this deck and you can purchase a copy of it here if you are interested.
Tapping to the energy of this harvest moon I asked to receive a message that would benefit us at this moment in time.

Awakening to your divine Self Oracle deck

The cards that came up were Compassion, Tree of Life and Truth.
Compassion.  With the world events that have transpired in these last few days it is very obvious that we need compassion both for ourselves and others.  Events like these can leave us feeling fragile and exposed.
In these times it is important to remember that love and  compassion both for ourselves and for others is of far greater benefit than judgement and anger.  This card encourages us to look within, feel compassion for ourselves and then allow this compassion to flow out, with it’s healing power, into the world.
Tree of Life.  We are all connected and each and every one of us is created from the same divine force that further reinforces this connection.   We need each other and we need to uplift each other, no one suffers alone, if one suffers we all suffer.  If one is raised up, we are all raised up.  Feel into this connection, is there someone you strongly disagree with or even hate?  Can you see how these feelings, even if they come from a place of righteous indignation, serve only to drag you down?  Can you allow yourself to see that they too are connected to the Divine even if we do not understand their ways?  You can love without condoning.  Feel into that love and it has the force to create far more change than hatred or anger ever will.
Truth.  What is truth?  How do we know it?  My truth can be much different than your truth but other than opinion who is to say which is right or which is wrong.  This card is asking you to open up and make room for your own truth and the truth of others.  You do not need to share their ideas but in the fighting of ideal against ideal we do ourselves and others a disservice.  The message here is to stop fighting what you see that doesn’t align with your truth and to just fully live into your own truth.  Feel into what is true for you, align with what is true for you and live it.  In this way you will impact change in a powerful way and you will see the benefits in your own life and the world around you far faster than you can imagine.

Full Moon Blessings!

xo Deanna

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