Creative inspiration is really all around us, we just have to be willing to take the time to look for it.  There are some very obvious places to look for inspiration such as an art gallery or museum but there are also lots of other places to look for inspiration that are a little outside the box.  Here is a list of some places that I came up with.

People watching at the mall.  The other day while shopping I stopped for a bite to eat, since I was alone I was free to just look around me and observe.  I began to notice the different features on people’s faces, the style and colors of their clothing and even their gestures as they interacted with others.  It was unfortunate that my sketchbook wasn’t in my purse!

Reading or looking through children’s books.  I love illustration and children’s books have some of the most beautiful illustration out there.  Often when I end up in a bookstore I will head over and browse through the books in the children’s department for a dose of creative inspiration.

Go for a walk in the woods.  Nature is the most innately creative force on this planet.  As you walk observe the shapes and textures around you, incredible beauty and inspiration is everywhere.

Reading Poetry.  Poetry is full of imagery, just reading it can spark ideas and thoughts.

Go to the zoo or a wildlife refuge center or even a pet store.  Observing the diversity of creatures that inhabits this earth can be a great source of inspiration.

At the movies.  Movies have the ability to move us through time and space and take us to places we could never go in real life.  This gives us the opportunity to observe and be inspired by many exciting options that otherwise don’t exist.

Watch the clouds.  As they move through the sky cloud shapes shift and change.  One moment you might see a dragon, the next island floating in the sky and in another moment perhaps and angel.  It is another great example of the creativity of nature.

Go to flea markets or antique stores.  All kind of treasures and unique items can be found at flea markets.  You don’t even need to buy anything and bring it home.  Just check out vintage artwork or jewellery for interesting shapes and color combinations.  Look at the designs of furniture, inlaid wood can be a great source for shapes and patterns.

Walking through your own neighborhood.  Take some time to walk through it with fresh eyes.  Really look and observe.  What flowers are growing in the yard next door, what color combinations are present in the plants, flowers and trees?  What birds are flying around?  Looking at these things with a eye to really seeing them can spark great ideas.

These are a few of my ideas.  Feel free to comment below and share some of your favorite places to find inspiration!