The need to create runs deep within the human psyche, we all have it.  I know many who say they don’t have a creative bone in their body and that always breaks my heart, but that just isn’t possible.  Creativity expresses itself in so many ways it is so much more than just paint brush on canvas.  Have you ever seen a beautifully planted garden and walked along its paths?  Have you ever enjoyed a delicious meal out?  Or have you even flipped through the pages of a fashion magazine marveling at the minds that imagined the beautiful clothes.   It’s all creativity and it is all made by artists.

An artist is someone who creates with intention.  I bet if you look at your own life there are many things you create with intention.  Is it possible you have been ignoring your own artwork?  Is it possible your soul longs for encouragement to let it’s creativity soar?  What would happen if you let it?  What could you create?  But let’s ask one more question, what if you allowed yourself to create in an atmosphere free of judgement?  I’m not talking about judgement from others, which really isn’t something you can control other than to ignore it.  What I’m really talking about is your own judgement of your creations.  What would happen in your life, what could possibly break loose and shake up if you allowed yourself to create without any self judgement whatsoever.  It isn’t easy, I know first-hand it isn’t easy, but it’s such a worthwhile endeavor.

You see I believe that the number one purpose of humanity is to create and that everyone is creative!  In tapping into our creativity we tap in the core purpose of our existence.  In that space of creativity we can find our own power and deepen our connection with the divine.  It’s a noble calling, what will your answer be?  Will it be ARTIST!!!