There has been so much going on in the world these last few weeks.  So much hatred, fear and uncertainty.  The senseless shooting in Orlando still weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of people and now this morning Brexit is all over the news.  I can’t help but dwell on what this change will bring about and how it will affect all of us, even those that aren’t citizens of the UK.  The truth is we have no idea and effectively very little control over what happens and how things shake out.
The only thing we can control is our own actions and it’s those actions I want to talk about today.  I feel as artists we have a very unique way of influencing the world and that is by raising our own vibration and in turn the collective vibration with our artwork.  I watched an interesting video this week by two physicists who explained that even if just a few people take the time to meditate on peace the vibrations they create can bring about powerful change.  When we as individuals make a conscious decision to create we are tapping into the Divine within each of us.  Through this connection we have the ability to create pieces that consciously bring light and love into this world and raise the vibration for all.
You don’t have to create a piece of art that hangs on the wall of a gallery to be seen and admired by all for your work to count.  That isn’t the point.  It can be an art journal page that no one but yourself sees, it can be a beautiful meal that you share with family and friends or a photo essay you post on Facebook.  The catalyst is that you create from a place of love and through this love we become one with the Divine and this love will unconsciously flow out of you into this world, raising the collective vibration as we look to find peace, connection and acceptance among ourselves and the world at large.
In this time of uncertainty where fear can often grip us in it’s powerful grasp I encourage you to turn away, grab your pens, brushes or whatever tools you need and to take some time to create love.  Focus on love, it is one of the few ways that each and every one of us can truly influence the world around us.

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